Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"The Time Has Come"...

...the walrus said, "To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--

And whether pigs have wings."
-Lewis Carroll

As the title implies, it's time for another post.  I should be asleep right about now, but isn't that how things always go. 

Christmas break was great.  I got time to see my family and spent Christmas morning with people I love.  It was hard being away from my guy, but we managed to handle the distance well.  I'm back in Starkvegas this week and have been spending time with him and settling in for the next semester.  I had a job interview on Monday that I think went very well.  I'll get the results of that later this week. (Crossing my fingers that I got the internship!)  Classes officially start tomorrow, but I only have Tuesday-Thursday classes.  Should be pretty great.  I'm in a cleaning mood tomorrow, so I plan on going through closets and such and getting rid of unnecessaries.  Better watch out, Mr. Closet Monster, I'm comin' in.  

While being in this relationship is more that I ever dreamed or imagined, I need to be careful about some things.  My personality is what I'm going to phrase an adapter.  I change to fit other people's personality so that everything works.  While that's a great thing sometimes, other times I tend to lose a bit of myself.  I'm fully aware of it this time around, so I think I can do a few things to make sure I'm not changing to make others happy.  Compromise is one thing, complete overhaul is another.  I need to make sure I keep around the things  that are essentially me.  For instance, my guy likes country music.  So do I, and have for quite some time now.  But there is other music that I like, that I listened to quite a bit before I met him.  It's not like he told me I can't listen to that music now, but I just adapt my music tastes to his.  Some of it is legitimately that I like the same music, and others it that I listen to it because he likes it.  I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I shouldn't lose the other kinds of music that I like in the process.  Most of the things are very small and not too noticeable.  But if I want someone to love me just like I am, I need to be fully myself and not an adapter.  I'm working on it. 

Things that are essentially me: I like some girly things like chick flicks, jewelry, purses, and other general foo-foo at times.  I like classical music, popular rock, and acoustic/bluegrass.  As country as I am, there's a good bit of the whole rocker girl there.  I'm a bit of a rebel.  I'm competitive and independent to a point.  I can take care of myself.  I really enjoy things like fine Italian food, hot tea, classic literature, plays, symphonies, and museums.  I love skiing and ice skating.  I dream of going to Italy one day. 

Speaking of ice, it's freezing in here.  It's interesting sometimes when it's my sister paying the light bill.  Needless to say, our heater isn't getting a big workout at the moment.  There are currently four blankets on my bed.  There would be a few more, but I'm too cold to get up and get another one from the living room.  That reminds me, I need to get up and brush my teeth.  Sigh.  I hate getting ready for bed.  I'd like to just fall into bed and pass out.  But no, I've got to wash my face, take meds, and brush my teeth.  Oh well.  Here goes.  Until next time, goodnight to my wonderful world of internet readers.