Monday, March 21, 2016


This past week was Spring Break for the college, so Jason was home all week.  While we don't get off for Spring Break at work, I decided to take three days vacation at the end of the week.  My plan was to get some rest, spend time with Jason, and get a few things done around the house.

I started my first couple days of vacation by resting!  We stayed home and spent some time together watching sports and some Netflix.  When Friday rolled around, I was motivated to get things done!  Jason went to work on our future rental house, and I vacuumed the house.  And by vacuum, I mean the floors, the walls, the baseboards, the blinds- Everything!  Then I cleaned all the carpet.  I felt rather accomplished, but worn out.  Jason came home not too long after lunch, then I went to get my hair done.  I love getting my hair done! Makes me feel so good.  After that, I headed back home.  I wound up having to cancel our vet appointment because my hair appointment ran long, but I figured we would get to it later.  Plus, I had many other things on my list to get done, including helping my brother move to his new townhouse on Saturday.

Well, apparently my body had other plans.  I had been struggling with my allergies all week.  The pollen outside is crazy!  It's everywhere.  Welcome to spring here in Mississippi.  The allergies combined with my mad house cleaning did me in. I started with a bad asthma attack Friday night and it lasted all of Saturday.  I started feeling a little better Sunday, but I was still wiped out.  Let me tell you, it's a frustrating thing to deal with.  Thankfully, I had all the medicine I needed to deal with it at home and didn't have to go to the doctor. Of course these things happen on the weekend when normal offices aren't open, and I didn't want to go to the ER! ($$$$)

So I spent all of my vacation resting.  And you know what?  That is ok.  I am as guilty as anyone of having long to-do lists and a myriad of things I want to get accomplished in a short amount of time.  Sometimes it takes sickness or injury to make us stop and rest.  Maybe if we did it more often it wouldn't come to that!  I am seeing more and more the importance of taking time to rest.

If you are a planner girl like me, schedule it in your week!  It doesn't have to be on Saturday or Sunday.  Often times we are so busy on the weekends.  But take an evening or two and dedicate them to resting.  Your body and mind will thank you!