Friday, January 13, 2012

Bit by Bit

I've started making more progress on the wedding planning.  I picked up and dusted off that wedding planning binder that I bought and cracked it open.  I actually started writing in it this time.  All I need to secure the reservation at the chapel is to mail in the paperwork.  Ceremony site: done!

I have pretty much decided that we're going to use the student union ballroom for the reception.  It's just across the street and we can really make it look great without going overboard.  It's affordable too!  The only thing I worried about was that MSU dining had to be the caterer.  I don't have many references for them, but it does make another decision very easy!  So I think I'm ok with that.  So I've just got to call them Monday and book it.

Next on the list:  Photographer, Bakery, Florist.