Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Dress Pants Don't Fit...

The title of this post brings me to two topics: 1) my clothes not fitting and 2) dress clothes. 

As for topic 1:
My clothes don't fit anymore. I've gained some weight since last semester. It seems to always happen in the spring, which is the worst possible time for it to happen because spring precedes summer. Bummer.  So I've decided that I can do a diet for 2 weeks.  The Special K diet to be exact.  Today was Day 1, and it wasn't so bad.  I had a protein shake for breakfast, a bowl of cereal for lunch, a granola bar for snack, and a normal dinner.  I splurged a little by buying a coke and a small bag of chips (not just any chips- Blazin' Buffalo Ranch Doritos, aka crack chips. I'm addicted) this afternoon before my group meeting.  Tomorrow I will do better.  So here's to hoping I lose those 6 promised pounds in two weeks. 

Topic 2:
It's crunch time. And no, not because of the granola bar I'm eating.  It's because I graduate in exactly one month. Four weeks. Thirty days.  Yep.  I'm in overdrive applying for jobs.  I think I submitted 6 applications last night alone, and another 2 today.  I have two interviews lined up, starting tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. I'm hoping there's more to come.  The ideal situation would be to have to chose between job offers.  Yeah, I can definitely handle that. We'll see what comes though.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Time to Grow Up

I really started thinking today about graduation and the end of my college career.  I have been in a clean out mood the past couple days so I was cleaning out and organizing my room.  As I tried on clothes and decided what to keep and what to donate, and I came across a brown and pink polka dot dress.  It's a very cute dress, one that I've worn several times before.  I got it at the end of high school and wore into college.  I tried it on today (miraculously, this dress escaped the closet shrinkage that my other clothes have been infected with...), and looked at myself in the mirror.  It's still a cute style, but it just didn't fit the image of me, a 22 year old, soon to be independent career woman.

I can feel a change coming on, a different stage of life starting where one is ending. On one hand, it's sad that I'm no longer going to be a college student.  I'm going to miss lots of things about college.  There will be other things I won't miss so much.  But I'm definitely excited about what's to come. I'm excited about getting a full-time job and all the challenges and new opportunities that brings.  I'm excited about moving into my own apartment again (like I did freshman year of college), but being on my own and independent.  Though that brings tons and tons of responsibility with it, I think I'm ready.  I hope so anyway.  If I'm not, I have people that will always be there to help me.  I'm excited about spending the summer with My Other Half and getting to know each other more.  The past five months have been phenomenal.  I couldn't have asked for more, and I have been happier than I've ever been.  But that is a different story.  One I could write pages and pages on.

I'm trying very hard to make good decisions for myself, and to form a foundation that will serve me well throughout my life.  It's really difficult sometimes.  I have to juggle different roles: student, daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend. It's not easy.  But it is fulfilling to have those great relationships in my life.  A lot of people don't have that. I'm very blessed in so many ways.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Surrounded by Books

I'm killing time before my group meeting.  I had to come to town early, but didn't want to go back to my house and then turn right around and go to campus.  So I'm sitting in the forth floor of the library in a very cozy spot. There's a chair sitting by a window, and there are rows and rows of books to my left.  I like being surrounded by books. Makes me feel instantly smarter.  Also makes me miss reading for pleasure.  I keep saying I'll get a chance to in the summer, but who knows.  I'd like to though.  I have about 4 books on my shelf at home that I have never read.

The wait is killing me.  I have applied for several jobs and have heard nothing from them.  I don't think I got the job I interviewed for last week.  It's a bummer.  I'm going to try to start babysitting again for some extra cash. I hate having to worry about money.