Monday, February 8, 2016

Re-evaluating 2016 Goals

It's the second week in February, so now is a good time to re-evaluate the goals that I made for 2016.

So here's how it's going so far:

Health- I have failed at drinking more water! It is so hard for me to even think about drinking water.  I am the kind of person that can eat a whole meal without a drink, so I really have to be more diligent about reminding myself to drink more.

I have been doing OK with exercise.  I need to make more progress and up my time each time I work out.

I also haven't been good about sleeping!  Even the nights I have been asleep for 8 hours, I do not feel rested.  I think there are several contributing factors, so I will be working on those and being more consistent in my sleep patterns.  I have set three alarms on my phone to help me with this: the first at 9:30 pm to get ready for bed (pick out clothes for the next day, fix lunch for work, do dishes or clothes, or whatever other housework-type things), the second at 10:00 pm to go get in bed (put away the phone and either read or talk), and the third at 10:30 pm to wind down and be ready to sleep at 11:00 pm.  Going to bed at 11 and waking up at 7 should give me 8 hours per night. I will try to stick to this schedule (roughly including weekends, so I don't get off track) for a few weeks and see if 8 hours a night is sufficient for me.

Marriage- I have yet to read a marriage book yet! Still looking for good suggestions and a thrifty way to procure them.

We had one date night in January, where we make homemade calzones and watched two movies.  I enjoyed it!  We have Valentine's Day coming up next weekend that will be a date night- probably another at home date night, but those are fun too!  I haven't planned the second one in February yet.

I have been much better with the phone!  We actually switched our phone plan to one with no data, so when we are out and about there is no social media or news distracting us.

Personal- I have been slow about my reading.  I didn't finish an entire book in January, but started a couple.  My hope is to finish those in February.

I am listening to podcasts and periscopes when I have downtime at work.  I am really enjoying it!

I have not practiced crocheting since Christmas, but I have done lots of monogramming!

Business/Work- I haven't been as consistent with my business Facebook page as I would like.  I really need to take advantage of the post scheduling option.

I have worked more on embroidery and posting pictures of what we have done online.

I have also learned a couple new tasks at work.

Did you make goals or resolutions for 2016?  What progress have you made so far?

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